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At We RealtorsTN, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional career opportunities for individuals looking to excel in real estate and construction. Our diverse range of roles includes positions such as Civil Engineer, responsible for designing and overseeing construction projects, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to regulations. Site Engineers are crucial in managing on-site operations, and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure smooth execution. Architects bring their creative vision to life, designing innovative and aesthetically pleasing structures. Interior Designers create captivating spaces that blend functionality and style.

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Civil Engineers are responsible for planning, designing, and overseeing construction projects. They ensure that structures are safe, compliant with regulations, and built to specifications.
Site Engineers are responsible for site inspections, quality control, managing subcontractors, resolving issues on-site, and keeping projects on schedule and budget.
Architects work closely with Civil Engineers, Interior Designers, and Site Engineers to ensure that their designs align with structural and practical requirements.
Sales personnel can advance to sales management or business development roles. Specialization in specific construction sectors (e.g., residential, commercial) is also an option.
Interior Designers work on the aesthetic and functional aspects of interior spaces. They plan layouts, select materials, and coordinate with architects and contractors.
Rent can be deposited directly into your local bank account. Alternatively, it can be deposited into our company account and transferred to you minus any expenses like utility bills, maintenance charges and service fees.Sales professionals in construction companies are responsible for securing contracts, negotiating deals, and maintaining client relationships to drive business growth.
A bachelor's degree in civil engineering or a related field is commonly required. Practical experience and relevant certifications can also be beneficial.