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What is Patta Chitta and how to apply for it online?

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Details on a Patta Chitta document

Patta and Chitta services are crucial components of land ownership documentation in several Indian states, with Tamil Nadu being a prominent example. The Patta serves as proof of legal land ownership and contains essential information about the property, including the owner's name, survey number, and tax details. On the other hand, the Chitta, also known as Adangal or Khatauni in different regions, provides comprehensive data about land cultivation, type, and changes in ownership. Together, these documents play a pivotal role in property transactions and government services, ensuring transparency and accuracy in land-related matters.

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Patta Chitta is a crucial land revenue document issued by the Tamil Nadu government. It establishes ownership and provides essential information about a property.
Patta Chitta is essential for property buyers as it serves as proof of ownership and helps in property transactions and legal matters.
You can apply for a Patta Chitta certificate through the official Tamil Nadu government website or visit the local Tahsildar's office.
Commonly required documents include sale deed, encumbrance certificate, Aadhar card, and property tax receipts.
The processing time varies but usually takes a few weeks to a few months, depending on the application and local government procedures.
Patta primarily relates to land ownership, while Chitta contains detailed information about the land, such as its size, type, and classification.
Verification ensures that the property's details match the official records and that there are no discrepancies or legal issues.
You can track the status of your application online through the official government website using your application reference number.
If you find errors, you should contact the local Tahsildar's office and provide the necessary documents to rectify the mistakes.
Yes, Patta Chitta records can be transferred to a new owner after a property sale, provided that all legal procedures are followed.
Yes, there are nominal fees associated with the issuance of Patta Chitta certificates. The fee structure can be obtained from the local government.
In case of loss, you can apply for a duplicate copy by providing the necessary documents and paying the prescribed fee.
Yes, it is essential to update your Patta Chitta records if there are any changes or additions to your property to ensure legal compliance.

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