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Securing financing can be a complex process. If it’s your first time investing in the UAE real estate market, having an experienced mortgage advisor by your side is a must.

We guarantee a personalised experience from the initial enquiry right through to mortgage approval. You'll get access to specialised market and financing knowledge, exclusive rates, and step-by-step support spanning the buying process, fees, timescales and borrowing limits.

We always go the extra mile for our clients.

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My happiness was their priority throughout

Alex helped me navigate my move to Dubai. After one short phone call, he understood what I was looking for. He set up multiple viewings on the same day. I had met with a few other agents and none of them offered anything close to the experience that Alex did. He ensured my happiness was the priority throughout the entire experience.


A seamless experience with RealtorsTN

Had an absolutely seamless experience with RealtorsTN. I've bought and sold multiple units through Wahid and he has always made sure to find me a great deal. Rajvir assisted us with the conveyancing and helped us complete the transaction very smoothly and efficiently! Thank you Wahid and Rajvir!


I can say it was totally different experience

I worked with Georgian Nedelcu on the sale of my property and all I can say is that it was a totally different experience. With me living outside Chennai, he never hesitated to take things into his own hands. He went above and beyond in helping with matters that other agents usually don't help with. Super professional and caring!


Passionate, professional and never pushy

Cameron Heer is your man if you want expert assistance in Chennai real estate. Polite, passionate, persevering and professional. Pushy? Never. He will present the details of the deal in a calm and professional way. He helps you weigh various offers and provides you space to make your decision.

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Optimised occupancy.

With occupancy rates averaging 96%, we attract high-quality tenants to your property.

Higher rentals.

On average, our managed properties yield 6.14% higher compared to non-managed leased residential units.

Trusted name

A highly regarded, award winning company in business for almost 40 years, we have an impeccable track record in UAE real estate management.

Quality guaranteed.

Our dedicated property managers are committed to service excellence, and our extensive network of contract partners have all been personally vetted.

Unparalleled accountability.

We promise to keep you in the loop with detailed quarterly or time-specified reports all part of the service, wherever you are in the world.

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Everything you need to know about mortgage services.

A mortgage is a loan that a lender extends to a home buyer to help finance the purchase of a property.
Monthly mortgage payments are split into 3 parts: the principal, interest and insurance. The principle is the amount that goes towards the equity of the property, the interest is the rate charged to obtain the loan, and insurance is a mandatory addition to all mortgages.
The property you purchase acts as collateral. This means that if you fail to repay the mortgage, the lender can take possession of the property and sell it to collect any money owed to them.
This will depend on your personal circumstances, such as your salary and existing liabilities. Have a chat with our mortgage advisor who will be able to advise you based on your circumstances.
This is dependent on your personal circumstances, so you would need to speak to our mortgage advisor for an accurate answer.
If you overpay on your mortgage repayments, you will pay off your mortgage faster and pay less interest over the term (use our early payoff calculator to get the sums). So overpaying can be beneficial.
If you have a low-interest rate and you put your money towards higher-interest investments, it might make sense to keep the mortgage ongoing while using capital to earn more money on higher-interest investments.
This is dependent on your personal circumstances. Typically, it takes around 2 weeks to get pre-approval and up to 2 weeks after signing MOU to get the final offer letter. Have a chat with our mortgage advisor who can give you realistic timeframes based on your circumstances.
Fixed rate mortgages are where the interest rate charged on the loan stays the same for a certain period of time, usually 1,2,3 or 5 years. During this time your monthly mortgage repayment will not change.
Variable rate mortgages are where the interest rate that you pay on your mortgage will change based upon changes to the EIBOR rate. This means that your monthly repayments can change over time.
Amortization is a schedule that shows you how much of your mortgage payment goes against the capital and how much goes against interest. This allows you to work out how much interest you will save by making extra payments over the tenure of the mortgage.
This is the total length of the mortgage. The maximum length in the UAE is 25 years and is based on its affordability. This can be discussed with your mortgage advisor and confirmed by the bank.
We strongly recommend speaking to our mortgage advisor. They will tell you everything you need to know about getting a mortgage and guide you through every step of the way.

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